Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Wink community! Our goal is to create the best place to make new friends online. Let’s work together to make Wink safe, clean, and full of respectful people. We have rules about the content we can or can’t post on Wink and the ways we treat our new friends.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your content being removed, or your account being permanently banned from the Wink community, with or without warning.

Wink is for friendship ONLY

Wink is your place to make new friends from around the world. If you are looking for romantic relationships, you’re in the wrong place. Anyone who is misusing Wink is subject to losing access to the platform.

Wink photo guidelines:

  1. No photos in underwear
  2. No shirtless/underwear mirror selfies
  3. No photos in bikinis/swimwear indoors.
  4. No pornographic material
  5. No Snapcodes, Snap usernames, or phone numbers
  6. No solicitation or marketplace activity
  7. No suggestive/inappropriate situations or text
  8. Face must be clearly visible in at least one photo
  9. No drugs
  10. No graphic hunting photos
  11. No gory or graphic images
  12. No guns or weapons

Respect everyone, always

On Wink, we treat everyone with kindness and respect, no matter their race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, ability, size, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Hate speech, bullying, and abusive behavior will not be tolerated in any form on Wink.

Don’t do anything illegal on Wink

Any illegal activity of any kind is not tolerated on Wink. It will result in being banned and/or reported to the authorities. Sexual content or incidents involving minors will be reported to the proper authorities.

No soliciting

Wink is not a marketplace. If you try to use Wink to buy, sell, or solicit anything, no matter what it is, you will be banned.

Report suspicious activity

We use a combination of technology and 24/7 human moderation to monitor and review Wink accounts for content that indicates any violations of these Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions.

If you see anything that violates the Wink Community Guidelines, please report the user by tapping the “...” icon on their profile. You can also email our support team at for further assistance. If you need to report an emergency, please contact your local authorities. Help us keep Wink clean, safe, fun, and the best place to make new friends!

Wink is for users 13 and up.