About Us

Alex Hofmann

CEO and Co-Founder

Our mission is to build products that help people feel connected. We believe that social media has become much more focused on the media, and a lot less on the social. This creates an environment that doesn’t develop meaningful friendships online, and leaves people feeling lonelier than ever.

We created Wink with the goal of giving everyone the chance to quickly make new friends and feel connected. With millions of active users, Wink has been considered one of the world’s fastest growing social apps on the charts today, focusing on friendship.

In addition to helping provide high quality friendships, we highly prioritize the safety of our users. Hearing that users both feel safe on Wink and have made amazing new friends is what keeps us going!

We hope Wink can be a meaningful experience for our users in making new friends — and that we can play a role in their journey to feeling truly connected.

Although Wink is our flagship app, 9 Count is even bigger than Wink. We have multiple products that we’re working on, all in the business of making people feel connected. Stay tuned for even bigger things!

All the best,